Guilty Pleasures


We all have them. They plague us when we’re alone and no one’s watching. We throw fake laughter when others tease people for listening to THAT band or watching THAT show in hopes that they don’t find out that we too in fact indulge. Well, I’m going to defend my guilty pleasures. So judge away because I know you secretly like it too.

1. Music

As someone who is very peculiar (and somewhat snobbish) about my music, I will confess that my iTunes consists of every single song recorded by the Miss Taylor Swift, and knowing the lyrics to just about 90% of the songs as well as who they are written about is not something I necessarily take pride in. I will say, to my defense, she is very talented at writing catchy hooks and settling down in your head with no intentions to leave anytime soon. And for those who make fun of her many man exploits… SHE JUST TRUSTS PEOPLE AND FALLS IN LOVE EASILY OK. LEAVE TAYLOR ALONE.

Favorite song: Tim McGraw

2. TV Shows

Yeah, the WB/CW consumed my middle school and high school years. I have seen every episode of The OC and One Tree Hill – more than once. No, the acting isn’t Emmy award-winning, the drama exaggerated to the max, and I do agree that OTH should’ve ended after the fourth season, but how could you NOT love Seth & Summer or Nathan & Haley. They gave me extremely inaccurate depictions of teenage life, but I loved every minute of it because frankly my life currently consists of me sitting in the same clothes for the past two days typing on my computer alone in the dark talking to an imaginary crowd. Also, OTH had quite the soundtrack and Seth Cohen may be my spirit animal.

Favorite moment of the OC: The Kissing Booth, take 1

Favorite moment of OTH: When the Ravens won the state championships. Like the whole episode.

3. Movies

Nicholas Sparks is the vain of my existence, every time one of his books turns into a movie I cringe at the prospect of how horrible everything is going to be and scoff at the girls who think “it’s such a good movie.” Well, low and behold, what do you know, A Walk To Remember is “such a good movie!” I’m super embarrassed to love this movie because literally every line is oozing with cheese, but man, the heart strings just get tugged on hard in this movie. Also, shoutout to The Notebook (mainly for Ryan Gosling).

Favorite scene: When Mandy Moore sings “Only Hope” and what happens after.

4. Books

I adore YA fiction, and even though the genre is generally catered to teens, I will say there’s a reason it’s called YOUNG ADULT and not TEEN, which makes it totally ok for me to read them. I admit to have read Twilight and New Moon. Did I like them? No, but I read them and watched all the movies. All the John Green, Hunger Games, Divergent, and the likes. I really should branch out and read some more literature, but to me reading should be pleasurable, not a task. So even though I should like A Farewell to Arms and talk about the literary elements and critiques on society because that’s the adult thing to do, I don’t, it was boring and long.

Favorite line: “‘You love me. Real or not real?’ I tell him, ‘Real.'” – Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins

5. Food

Ok, everyone who knows me knows that I love McDonald’s. The greatest thing to have happened to my city was when the McDonald’s by my house opened a 24/7 lobby. The greatest thing to have happened to McDonald’s was when they came out with the 20 piece nugget deals. I get defensive over my fries and am never willing to split a meal. Oh. My. Lord. I will take McDonald’s over a five course meal any day. What is wrong with me? I don’t know and I don’t care. I do admit though, I instantly regret everything the moment I finish my last fry and feel like I’ve betrayed my body.

Favorite meal: Uh, all of them (but really McNuggets if you haven’t caught on already)


So there you have it, these are some of my guilty pleasures.  What are some of yours?

Why do I feel like I just revealed my deepest darkest secrets?

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