Eczema Exposed


Many people with eczema don’t know the real cause of why they are struggling with such a debilitating and embarrassing disease. Eczema is often a disease called “atopic dermatitis” where one’s immune system is overactive, causing inflammation and the rashes on the surface of the skin. Fortunately, medical experts are constantly learning more about this disease and new treatments are coming out. Our goal was to create a disease state awareness campaign to get patients to sign up for CRM so they will stay up-to-date with the latest discoveries about atopic dermatitis. We created a website, print ads, digital ads, in-office brochures, a commercial, and an online video for patients to interact, relate, and ultimately learn more about their disease.

I helped execute the concept “Eczema Exposed” as it was in the early stages when I joined. Along with my copywriter, we came up with the story for the :30 TV spot as seen below and worked with illustrators, production houses, directors, the whole crew, from conception to completion. I also helped design the brochures and holder, print ads, worked with photographers on the TV shoot to grab stills for digital marketing and create an image library, and created a gruesomely long style guide.

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