L.L. Bean


L.L. Bean has gear for both everyday life (targeting business/working individuals) and outdoor life. The idea is L.L. Bean can support both lifestyles, while reminding people to go outdoors and enjoy nature. In this digital campaign, the goal is to get people in all walks of life to step out and be more adventurous, however small the activity may be. It’s about the every day adventures.

The social media presence will start conversation. Social media will engage the users onto the L.L. Bean page. There will be Adventurers of the week (highest earned score of the week), Top Adventurers of all time (highest earned score of all time), People’s Choice (most liked video/photo), and Traveller (most travelled) awards. Winners of the awards will receive a prize such as free L.L. Bean gear as well as the recognition. At the end of the campaign, the Top 3 Adventurers of all time will receive a trip to an exotic location with many opportunities for adventure and L.L. Bean gear to accompany their trip.

The digital ads will be GPS located. They will be placed on websites where people are killing time on, i.e. YouTube. The animated ad will explode on the screen. Based on the weather of the location the user is in, the ad will then suggest an activity and location. The banner ad will link to the site where users can get more information and download the app. The activity is meant to get people outdoors and active, making everyday an adventure.

Combining all the points of interaction, comes the app. On the app, users can socialize with their friends to do activities together, also known as adventure meetups. There will be a checklist of activities based on the weather and by uploading a photo or short video, the user can check off and earn points for their adventure. This can also be done on the Adventure Awaits website.