New Balance


The dad shoe. Steve Jobs’ uniform. The sale rack of TJ Maxx. We all know New Balance has definitely seen better days. Well behold! Those better days are now. New Balance is beginning to dig itself out of that hole with fresh redesigns and forward technology. It is now desired by street fashion gurus and a cult favorite among lifestyle influencers. So why not take it a step further and embrace all of life?

Us women have all been there, wearing cute shoes for our fancy night out only to quickly regret it as blisters and twisted ankles entered the evening. We look at the clock and realize the night is still young, but we’re ready to cash out.

Heel No! is here to save every woman from their “Heels were a good idea at 7PM” moment. The shoe is a mix of the Fresh Foam technology seen in their sneakers with the style of a going out flat. These shoes will only be sold at their late-night pop-up vending machines from the hours of 10PM-4AM located around bars and clubs throughout the city and near college campuses. When a party-goer steps out cursing their feet, lo and behold, a Heel No! vending machine. Choose your size, insert your credit card, place your heels into the canvas bag, and slip on your new comfortable shoes. Download the app to find where the nearest vending machine is and pre-order/reserve the shoe if you’re worried your size will sell out at that machine at that time. So continue to dance the night away because New Balance has got your back (and feet).