Speak Your Migraine


The campaign was created to provide a platform for people with migraine to express themselves. Migraine can be an isolating and misunderstood disease. We created a with personalization. With a customized homepage, users can find videos, articles written by content creators, facts about migraine, tools and resources. We created a “migraine impact assessment” tool which helps users visualize how much their lives are impacted by migraine in which they can bring to their doctors or with others in their lives. Along with the MIA tool, there’s the “doctor discussion guide” which is a customized worksheet that helps people with migraine facilitate a conversation with their doctors about their condition. Currently we have over 100,000 tool engagements. The website also features a video in which we have people with migraine share their experiences.

Along with the website, users can sign up for a personalized/targeted CRM program where we send customized content . As of now, there are over 27,000 email leads. We also created a Facebook page which created a community for people with migraine to communicate with one another and find solace in camaraderie. The Facebook page grew to over 100,000 likes in just a few months.

We are entering phase 2 of the campaign where we will be adding more activation ideas, more videos, and enhanced technology. Stay tuned!